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The Pentecostal Young People’s Association is an organization that started in India, when a few young college students came together with the purpose of sharing the Gospel with their fellow students. Over the years this small ministry partnered with churches in building up young men and women in the faith as well spreading the Good News to the local communities. Today PYPA exists in many churches in India and across the United States. Although many years have passed since PYPA’s humble beginnings, the goals and purpose of PYPA has remained the same.

Our Goal

At IPC Tabernacle, PYPA seeks to build up young men and women in the Word of God, to bring out and develop the talents inside every young person, and to equip them with the Gospel so that through them the Gospel may reach our local communities. 

What We Do

PYPA holds regular meetings on the first Saturday of every month. These meetings provide an opportunity for our members to utilize and exercise the diverse talents that God has bestowed upon all of us. These meetings also provide opportunities for young children to participate in our junior choir, where they learn more about worship and how to pool their talents together to praise God.

PYPA also holds an annual In House Talent Competition, where kids can sign up to perform and compete in different categories such as Bible Quiz, Memory Verse, Singing, Instrumental sections, and many more categories. The winners from the competition go on to participate in city wide competitions with other churches.

The focus of PYPA is all about empowering young people to do something with their faith, to step out of their comfort zones into a hurting world and to share the greatest news ever, The Good News of Jesus Christ. In 1 Timothy 4:7 Paul counsels Timothy to, "Exercise yourself toward godliness", and PYPA's goal is exactly this; to train and build a generation that will stand for the kingdom of God.

We invite you to come and join us and be blessed by the activities and events our church hosts.


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Pastor: Rev. Dr. John K. Mathew
Secretary: Benny K. Thomas
Treasurer: Tony Kurian
Youth Director: Shanan Abraham


9121 Ferguson Road
Dallas, TX 75228
United States of America
Phone: 214-320-9IPC (9472)