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Perambra Mission

IPC Tabernacle Church has set evangelization as one of its primary goals.

The church decided in 2009 to started Perambra Area (Kozhikode District) as our primary mission field. In 2015, we decided to start another mission work in Northern part of India; we have selected Chhattisgarh State as our second mission field and started mission works in Balod District and Ambikapur North. Now we have 20 churches in the state of Chhattisgarh and 15 churches in Kerala State with dedicated servants of God who have helped save souls from the grip of sin.

In order to support the financial needs of this mission work, each of our families and ladies fellowship generously contribute to our mission fund.

Jesus said” I will build my Church. Gates of hell will not overcome it". Our Lord Jesus is the builder, author and the architect of his Church. Victory is in our side.


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Pastor: Rev. Dr. John K. Mathew
Secretary: Benny K. Thomas
Treasurer: Tony Kurian
Youth Director: Shanan Abraham


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Dallas, TX 75228
United States of America
Phone: 214-320-9IPC (9472)